Name: Sam Latham

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 70ish kgs

Birthday: 6th August 1992


I started windsurfing when I was only 10. A family friend sailed small boats on a local lake near my home and asked me to join him on a windsurfing beginner’s course. I got off to a bad start and joined him sailing for a year. One weekend out on the lake I saw someone plaining along whilst windsurfing and decided I had to give it another go. I haven’t stopped since that day. That person I saw is now one of my best friends and I sail with him regularly. During my RYA pathway I got myself a basic slalom board and started competing along side.

But of course I had to get a wave board as well and loved to try and learn new tricks when the wind and waves were working. I hope to start competing at the UK wave events also soon.

Being a student, it’s hard to fund everything at once but when I get the chance and feel I am ready, I hope to compete in my first PWA event in the next year or so.

Please check my facebook page for contact and recent news: